Know and Grow Your Audience All publishers need to own their audience. But how do you build one in the first place? Where do you find them? What can you offer in exchange for their emails, and how do you target them even if you can't get those?
Create New Revenue Streams You already have the best storytellers on the planet, so why aren’t you making more money from their stories? Can you develop a new offering for an existing audience? Promote an old offering to a new audience? Unlock more value?
Make Smarter Decisions Moving from traditional marketing to digital requires a new mindset, and new metrics. To generate different results you need to ask different questions, and measure the right things. But where do you start?
Do the Right Thing, at the Right Time Quick - when was the last time you had a successful book launch? Do you know how to repeat it? Can everyone in your group do the same? Is your whole company following the same playbook to successfully launch new books? Not yet?
Storytelling for the Snapchat Generation The way we read stories has changed dramatically in the past few years, so why haven’t our books? How do you go beyond eBooks and re-imagine your core product, before someone else does?
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Timing Is Everything

Books, movies, magazines all require a certain amount of attention and a good deal of time… time most people don’t have.
By focusing on easily consumable, content-rich stories, we capture people’s attention for the right amount of time, accomplishing the goal of being engaging and memorable.

Blurring the Lines

What separates fiction and reality these days? Should they even be separate?